Alumni Spotlight Information

Sharing your stories with us, keeps the Richmond Family connected. We will post on our social media accounts as an ‘Alumni Spotlight’ and connect you with your classmates and stay #UnitedinDiversity.

Spotlight on Ibrahim Zakari

Ibrahim Zakari is an honorary special adviser to the government of Katsina state, Nigeria on international relations and investments. In just 2 years of his appointment, he has been able to attract a lot of foreign investment to the state without a financial commitment from the state. The best and forefront of it all is a modular refinery which will be co-financed by European and American investors. He has also been able to provide employment to thousands of youths and empowered widows in the state in order to alleviate poverty. He calls for support from Richmond Alumni, Supporters and Friends to support the development of his projects in Nigeria. Ibrahim studied BA Business Administration and Economics at Richmond and graduated in 1996.

“Richmond has influenced my drive in working with various ethnicities and religions as it is in our motto "Unity in Diversity". Having studied in a multilingual and multinational environment, it exposed me to think and see things out of the box. I see the world as "one". I don't see myself as a Muslim, Nigerian, Black or African but as a human being. In my empowerment, I don't look at your ethnicity, religion or background but at your needs. I can say Richmond has really helped me in this aspect of my life.”

Spotlight on John Haffner

In late 2015, John started a Cuba travel and consulting business, organizing tourism and business trips to Cuba and helping navigating the legal and regulatory landscape. John is based in New Orleans but in Havana frequently. He was a Study Abroad student at Richmond in 1997 who later graduated from Boston University in History and Politics and then the University of Alabama School of Law. “My time at Richmond profoundly influenced the rest of my life. Living and studying with such an interesting, diverse group of people, in one of the greatest cities in the world, expanded my perspective and set me on the path that I’ve been on ever since. Being open to the world, to the common humanity of everyone, and wanting to contribute…Richmond inspired all of this in me.

To my fellow Richmond alums: Come visit!” You can connect with John Email: